Strategic Business Analysis

Strategic Business Analysis

Strategic Business Analysis and Valuation

Program outline

This comprehensive case-based course on Strategic Business Analysis and Valuation with special emphasis on Equity Research will introduce a framework to strategically analyze and value businesses and build a comprehensive practical knowledge and skills in Strategic analysis, Accounting analysis, financial modeling, and valuation that helps to fully analyze any company’s financial statements and reveal its true condition and value. Throughout the course, we will extensively use relevant cases to understand the concepts and build a real-world experience with valuation. Also, we will work on developing the skills and judgment required to be successful equity research analyst and Investment bankers.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will master the strategic management process, corporate finance concepts and principles, and valuation tools. The program is aimed at providing practical understanding of the dynamics of global capital markets, strategic insights into complex valuation methods to take on challenging tasks. The course involves financial markets, role of financial intermediaries, business strategy analysis, financial reporting strategies and quality of earnings, fair value accounting, financial statement analysis, financial modeling, comparable transaction analysis, valuing companies in corporate restructuring, and equity security research.


  • Develop a comprehensive practical knowledge and skills in business analysis, Accounting analysis, financial modeling, and valuation
  • Understand the company’s business and its competitive strategies, financial reporting strategies, earning’s quality, computation and interpretation of financial ratios
  • Forecast Company’s performance, select appropriate valuation models, and perform valuation analysis
  • Develop investment opinion and Communicate among company management, shareholders, potential & existing investors, analysts, general public, and outside consultants on the prospects and value of the business


Prepare for future job roles as –

  • Equity analysts to analyze and value equity securities for stock selection using a variety of valuation approaches
  • Investment bankers and investment analysts to evaluate corporate events such as mergers, acquisition, divestitures, spin-offs, etc
  • Investment bankers to render fairness opinion. Valuation is at the center of such opinions
  • Valuation consultants to appraise private businesses
  • Venture capitalists to analyze and value early stage companies
  • Private Equity investors to assess the value of mature, established and distressed companies
  • Perform valuation analysis in emerging markets

Course Description

  • Course title: Strategic Business Analysis and Valuation
  • Domain: Finance & Entrepreneurship
  • Participants: MBA students, MBA graduates, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and Executives
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