About KCFE

At kaizen center for finance and entreprenuership (KCFE), our mission is to transform you─ creating a mindset to evolve and equip with the skills to succeed in a dynamic and challenging business world. KCFE offers our participants years of global experience, puts them at the center of an influential network to create the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs to build great businesses and strengthen our society.

KCFE Fellow Program

Participants in our paid programs will be invited to apply for our ‘Fellow Program’ where they will undergo an intensive 3-month paid internships. Fellows will be mentored by an executive within the company to develop strategies for marketing our certificate programs through field work and social media, and position the company to offer more advanced globally relevant programs in Finance & Entrepreneurship. The interns will be able to attend our summits and meet the best business minds, network with industry professionals, successful investors, and entrepreneurs. Interns who successfully complete our Fellow program are eligible to seek a full-time employment with us.

Our Values

We embrace distinctive code and values whose key tenents are:

  • Believe in our people: At Kaizen, we invest in our people. We look for the most innovative, dedicated, and hardworking professionals with passion, integrity, and honesty. We are all about finding the right people, inspire them and draw out the best in them.
  • Think long-term: We offer a fun, relaxed, and friendly place delivering exceptional quality learing experinece. We are committed to the success of our participants just as they are committed to our programs.
  • Make a difference:At Kaizen, we don’t teach; we transform. We equip our participants with employable skills to succeed in a dynamic business world.