Ty McGuire

Ty McGuire

CEO of Beacon VP Capital. Boston, MA

Mr. McGuire is CEO of Beacon VP Capital, a long-short event-driven equity fund, with a focus on drugs and medical devices progressing through the FDA review process.

  • Pedigree – Harvard and DePaul Master Degree
  • Unique executive experience & background
  • Successful track record / High performing / Multiple Industries
  • Extensive knowledge of the equity and business markets
  • Operating experience in both Europe and North America
  • Manager of team that has an FDA predictive accuracy of over 80%
  • Responsible for annualized net returns above 20% for the trailing 52 months

Mr. McGuire has consistently achieved success through three interconnected elements: team building, a proprietary leadership framework and a focused business-financial strategy.

Team Building:

Ability to select multidisciplinary team members who are passionate about transforming work challenges into actionable solutions. Through collaboration across various business disciplines, Mr. McGuire has delivered an edge in various complex business sectors.

Proprietary Leadership Framework:

Developed by Mr. McGuire in coordination with classmates while at Harvard. Ty uses published organizational data to analyze the underlying human collaborative problem of a team going through the problem solving process (“PSP”). Screening core competencies with scheduled pathway events and then applying individual skills sets to identify work challenges that have a high efficiency-to-time ratio. Leading to increased employee performance and better overall work product.

Business Strategy:

Mr. McGuire focuses on priorities that are a central component of a companies’ revenues or profitability. Using past success models from various company sectors to help with business management. Resources are deployed whose returns Mr. McGuire believes will gain endorsement from an upcoming business or related event and whose stock price or profitability may substantially appreciate as a result.

Unlike traditional executives that use assumptions and forecasts provided by analysts or third party vendors, Mr. McGuire prefers to understand the data that is reliable and transparent. Notably, traditional models are less effective because many companies make projects based on past results with no true understanding of future events. These factors make traditional business leadership less effective than a forward-looking approach, which is based on the underlying business, customers, markets and economy.

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