Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance: A Venture Capital perspective

Program outline

A course designed to provide the perfect platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs, MBA students &graduates, business consultants, investment bankers and general managers to equip them with what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur/manager and how to grab an opportunity and make most of it, when it comes your way. The main objective of the course is to provide participants with the necessary theoretical and conceptual tools used in venture capital deals and build a practical perspective of engaging with VCs in making prudent financing and investment decisions.

It is a case-based course consisting of comprehensive cases from ‘Harvard Business School’ and other world class business schools, designed to catalyze the participants’ skills in building a right team of people, identifying opportunities, and structuring deals with the suppliers of capital such as venture capitalists.The course have been divided into 4 modules to broaden the understanding of finance and entrepreneurship in practical setting by applying the business acumen, financial concepts and tools to make decisions on the prudent financing and investment.


  • Fully prepare for the challenges and opportunities of starting a successful business in India
  • Develop the entrepreneurial leadership skills need to identify opportunities and develop a plan of action- business model and business plan
  • Learn to organize right-team of people and identify and eliminates start-up risks
  • Learn why entrepreneurs fail-to- scale and serial entrepreneurship
  • Learn early-stage financing strategy: Examine the choice to bootstrap with the option to raise external funds-Seed, angels, VCs, and strategic investors
  • Gain a global perspective on entrepreneurial opportunity and the intellectual framework to start a business
  • Learn different approaches to valuing entrepreneurial ventures, including venture capital method
  • Fully familiarize with the terms sheets and terms of financing offers, especially protective provisions and its consequences to founders, negotiation strategies
  • Learn social entrepreneurship- connect our massive social problems to business models


  • Learn the essentials for taking the entrepreneurial plunge
  • Instill the habits of thought and certain ways of breaking-down the problem situation
  • Hone the ability to reason analytically about each issue, constructively draw conclusion and develop a plan of action

Course Description

  • Course title: Entrepreneurial Finance – A Venture Capital perspective
  • Domain: Finance & Entrepreneurship
  • Participants: MBA students, MBA graduates, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and Executives
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