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Kaizen Tutors is engaged in providing training programs in Finance and Entrepreneurship, founded by Harvard Alumni Mr. Shajan Ninan. With its Headquarters in New York, it has recently started its operations in India. Our programs are aimed at building competencies in our participants using real world, case-based training. We offer globally relevant programs aimed at creating the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs to build great businesses and strengthen our society. Our participants include b-school Students, Startup Founders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Financial professionals, Corporate Executives, and Business consultants.

The word ‘Kaizen’ means continuous improvement. We create a mindset of improving continuously which builds confidence and power to consciously manage changes. With our unrelenting dedication, commitment, and vision, we deliver the best learning experience for our students.

India is emerging as a young country where half the population is less than 25 years of age, poised for higher education, at a time when the rest of the world is aging. Today, India offers aspiring entrepreneurs incredible opportunities to build multi-billion dollar businesses.Our social entrepreneurship programs are designed for helping aspiring entrepreneurs to build businesses that address our societal problems such as poverty, climate change, pollution, lack of clean water and healthcare, run-down schools, the gender gap in leadership, discrimination, so on and so forth.

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